Fehler bei Update auf 2.2.36


ich wollte gerade das Update machen auf die Neue Version von Ispconfig nun bekomme ich folgende Meldung.

NOTE: settings for "make test" are now controlled using "t/config.dist".
See that file if you wish to customise what tests are run, and how.

checking module dependencies and their versions...

ERROR: the required NetAddr::IP module is installed (3.14),
but is below the minimum required version 4.000,
some functionality will not be available.

Used in determining which DNS tests are to be done for each of
the header's received fields, and used by AWL plugin for extracting network
address from an IPv6 addresses (and from IPv4 address on nondefault mask).

NOTE: the optional Digest::SHA module is not installed.

The Digest::SHA module is required by the DKIM plugin.

NOTE: the optional Mail::SPF module is not installed.

Used to check DNS Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records to fight email
address forgery and make it easier to identify spams.

NOTE: the optional IP::Country module is not installed.

Used by the RelayCountry plugin (not enabled by default) to determine
the domain country codes of each relay in the path of an email.

NOTE: the optional Razor2 module is not installed,
minimum required version is 2.61.

Used to check message signatures against Vipul's Razor collaborative
filtering network. Razor has a large number of dependencies on CPAN
modules. Feel free to skip installing it, if this makes you nervous;
SpamAssassin will still work well without it.

More info on installing and using Razor can be found
at http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/InstallingRazor .

NOTE: the optional Net::Ident module is not installed.

If you plan to use the --auth-ident option to spamd, you will need
to install this module.

NOTE: the optional IO::Socket::INET6 module is not installed.

This is required if the first nameserver listed in your IP
configuration or /etc/resolv.conf file is available only via an
IPv6 address. Also used by a DCC plugin to access dccifd over network.

NOTE: the optional Mail::DKIM module is not installed,
minimum required version is 0.31, recommended version is 0.37 or higher.

If this module is installed and the DKIM plugin is enabled,
SpamAssassin will perform DKIM signature verification when DKIM-Signature
header fields are present in the message headers, and check ADSP rules
(e.g. anti-phishing) when a mail message does not contain a valid author
domain signature. Version 0.37 or later is needed to fully support ADSP.

NOTE: the optional Encode::Detect module is not installed.

If you plan to use the normalize_charset config setting to detect
charsets and convert them into Unicode, you will need to install
this module.

REQUIRED module out of date: NetAddr::IP
optional module missing: Digest::SHA
optional module missing: Mail::SPF
optional module missing: IP::Country
optional module missing: Razor2
optional module missing: Net::Ident
optional module missing: IO::Socket::INET6
optional module missing: Mail::DKIM
optional module missing: Encode::Detect

warning: some functionality may not be available,
please read the above report before continuing!

make: *** Keine Targets angegeben und keine »make«-Steuerdatei gefunden. Schl uss.
ERROR: Could not make SpamAssassin
Ich habe natürlich vorher die Installation von

apt-get install libnetaddr-ip-perl libarchive-tar-perl
Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut... Fertig
libnetaddr-ip-perl ist schon die neueste Version.
libarchive-tar-perl ist schon die neueste Version.
0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 0 zu entfernen und 1 nicht aktualisiert.

Ich komm nun auch nicht mehr in den Adminbereich von Ispconfig.
Es kommt dann

Wer kann mir helfen? Danke


Dann muß das setup script bereits vorher ein zweites mal aufgerufen worden sein. In dem Fall musst Du die ispconfig DB manuell aus dem backup das Du in /tmp/ findest (.sql datei) wieder herstellen.
Ich hab jetzt ein DB Update eingespielt Nun werden aber alle Seiten auf




Hat sich erledigt. Ich habe eine Änderung im DNS Manager gemacht und gespeichert. Jetzt klappts wieder.
Zuletzt bearbeitet: