login through "multi ISPconfig3 interfaces"


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Hello guys,
I wounder if it is possible to have more then one interface to login for users.
my plan is the following:

I want to setup ispconfig3 for multible server.

1) The first machine should become an ispconfig master server which is supposted to have FULL control over the whole ISPconfig farm.
2) Then there are two more machines which i plan to virtualize with kvm and clustern them later on. Each of them will run a web-, db,- mail-, dns-server.
For the both webservers I also install the ispconfig3 webinterface, like in the master server (1), where later on my resellers customer should login to ispconfig3 webinterface.
3) On the masterserver I created a "reseller". I can login ONLY through the masterserver as this reseller (where I created him). In addition I can see this account on all (master, web01, web02) IF I LOGIN AS ADMIN. I can login as admin on the master, web01 and web2

So and here is my question: What do I have to do that I can login as this reseller from web0[12] too?

Thx for your reply