ispconfig3 Manual


ich spiele mit dem GEdanken, mir das Manual zu holen. Nur frage ich mich, ob in den 5 Euro auch zukünftige Updates enthalten sind oder ich jedesmal neu bezahlen muss, wenn das Manual aktualisiert wird??


Das steht auf der ispconfig manual Seite im FAQ:

You can download it either through an active HowtoForge subscription, or you can buy a single copy.
Downloading through a HowtoForge subscription has the advantage that you get updates of the manual for free as long as you are a subscriber, while if you buy a single copy, no updates are included (i.e., you would have to pay again for new versions of the manual).
A HowtoForge subscription costs 5 EUR for one month or 25 EUR for six months.
If you want to download a single copy of the ISPConfig 3 manual, this costs you 5 EUR which is equal to buying a one-month HowtoForge subscription.