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I'm setting up a new server for a few domains with webserver and email, there are 4 IPs for this server.
Its based on a Xen VPS so there isnt a reverse-pointer for this vps, but postfix always try to send using the first IP, lets say its a.a.a.a.
I want the IP a.a.a.a only for administrative tasks, like ISPconfig and phpMyAdmin.
There are 5 Domains, one usese IP b.b.b.b with a board on it, that send mails to users about new threads etc.
Another domain uses c.c.c.c and a few others are on shared IP d.d.d.d.

Now Postfix tries to send everything using a.a.a.a what causes mailservers to reject cause of missing reverse DNS entry.
What I want to reach is, every domain sends its emails with its own ip, the corresponding DNS-records already exist, also the reverse pointer.
The webserver on the first domain on b.b.b.b should also send over php mail() with the correct IP.

At the moment I can get Mails on every domain, but no way to send any mail.

Can anybody help me to get my goals?

Regards Dyo


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SMTP is solved, by making a map and rules in
It would be nice to have it configured in ispconfig....

Mail sending from php is only possible using smtpmailer, still searching for a way to make it possibel to have the right IP used sending per mail() that uses the dummy for sendmail binary.